AEM Magic - Gallery

Zero emissions, achieved

Changing lives 8 bolts at a time

Solar on the SolarTechTRU

American made

uniquely runs on low voltage

the only zero emissions TRU

the SolarTech TRU naked

Robert & low voltage cells

great AEM minds at work

"Gift opening" at AEM

Everyone innovates

the only zero emissions DC TRU

Robert Koelsch - CEO

Robert Koelsch - Co-Founder

great AEM minds at work

The only zero emissions solution

AEM Arizona headquarters

Decades of innovation success

Cell power

Sign of devotion to engineering

Solar energy collection

Top minds at work

Cell power & safety like no other

SolarTechTRU wheel generator

Low voltage DC input

SolarTechTRU exposed

SolarTechTRU controls side view

Michelob Ultra runs on diesel! Oh no!

Brilliant from the inside-out

AEM engineers at work

AEM delivers impeccable quality

AEM teamwork

AEM driven by true passion

AEM precision

AEM keeps the fleets rolling

SolarTechTRUs poised to produce

Toxin free air with SolarTechTRU

AEM team spirit

SolarTechTRU controls side view