Over 10 years of road tests & torture

The Only Commercially Viable Zero Emission Solution for TRUs

The only solar-all-electric TRU that achieves zero emissions & that goes the distance with:

Zero range anxiety

Zero diesel expenses

Zero plug-in oversights

Zero electricity expenses

- Tortured by responsible food distributors since 2012.

SolarTechTRU is the only commercially viable TRU in the nation, and AEM has made the numbers work for cold chain

R&D, Manufacturing, & Maintenance




Zero Emissions & ESG

Eliminates cancerous emissions = zero carbon, zero toxins. ESG clout.

No High Voltage

Danger or Fatalities

Safe! Low voltage runs on 46V DC & no ARC flash/electrocution risks.

No More Diesel and No More Range Anxiety

Runs on the sun, 100% electric & removes reliance on the grid.

Ample Cost Savings


Impressive innovative engineering pays back quickly. Clean, and major line-item expenses disappear.

$$$ Incentives

One-Time & Ongoing

Significant ZE and solar offsets.
Vouchers, ITC, STC & WAIRE credits keeps giving back, every year.

AI-Based Automatic Cordless Charging

Auxiliary power with no human interface required & rely on an unusually long 32-hour battery life.

AEM.GREEN is an innovative R&D and manufacturing organization that created the SolarTechTRU, which has earned its status as the only full-electric TRU that achieves zero emissions, functions on low voltage DC (46V) power, requires very little maintenance. It eliminates the need for diesel fuel, and helps reduce and remove its customers’ reliance on the grid through its safe microgrid system.

AEM's Solar Tech TRU is reliably serving range demands of reefers through its proprietary and protected technology, including being completely safe for human interface because the technology is uniquely based on low voltage DC power.

AEM has also developed a breakthrough AI-based, cordless, automatic charging system that eliminates human plugin oversights, and dangers.

It's American engineered, American made.

Bold, Yet Proudly TRU

AEM represents the only commercially viable zero emission TRU clean power system for 28’-53’ reefer fleets that also boasts a perfect safety record, & ability to deliver on grueling range demands.

Clean air with zero emissions starts in California with AEM.green’s SolarTechTRU


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The worlds first full-electric reefer power system that:

  • Runs on low voltage power (46V) - zero high voltage

  • Goes the distance (32-hour+++ battery life)

  • Eliminates the need for diesel fuel

  • Achieves ZERO emissions

  • CARB CORE Voucher qualified!

  • Over ten years of on-road deliveries performance data

  • AI automatic cordless charging - zero plugin oversights

  • Totally safe microgrid - zero electricity expenses

Everyone wins!

Zero emissions and

cleaner air starts now.

We’re helping reefer truckers go the distance, low-voltage DC, CO2-free, maintenance-free!

Getting your goods there,

cleanly and safely.

The world’s only zero emission beast that goes the distance

Pretty, Clean, & Quiet

Yet a Reliable Bad@$$ TRU

Winning 28'-53' Reefer Fleets

SolarTechTRUfor Cold Chain Reefers

Purposely configured for easy installs or conversions, but every component is customized, and this is a completely different phylum of technology that performs safely, reliably, quietly.

With or without plugins.

Setting a new standard.

SolarTechTRUfor Cold Chain Reefers

10+ years of tested and tortured zero emissions TRUs

Best-of-breed customers & fulfillment partners who deliver

CARB approved, & winning CORE vouchers, WAIRE & ESG credits

The only completely safe system using 46V DC - unregulated

Fast turnaround, AEM abides by stellar conversion processes

Zero maintenance, perfect safety record, zero range anxiety

Immediate & long-term savings, & AEM helps manage reporting

Founders who are unbeatable breakthrough engineers, & managers

Now also offering a SolarTechTRU modified for refrigerated trucks!

See our comparisons page for specifications sheets on both models.

Unseating diesel-powered TRUs and other solar/electric powered TRUs with the proven and only surprisingly efficient, powerful, and proven-reliable, all-electric, solar-powered generator refrigeration system in the world.

It's so relieving to work with a company that truly appreciates the pain of downtime, and that knows how to rally our team so we're all working together with clarity to get our TRU conversions done, and to get our vouchers and credits.

Thank you Robert!

This has been one of our biggest initiatives in history, and thanks to the "seasoning" of AEM's engineering team, they've made this all seem so uncomplicated...and even a little fun...because they kept progress flowing, and we're seeing immediate payback of the SolarTechTRU, as promised.

It wasn't easy pulling the trigger and saying yes to converting our diesel TRUs to the SolarTechTRUs, but we sure are thrilled we've done this, and we'll continue doing this as we continue to grow. We're growing more profitably because of it too. I never expected to be able to 'go clean' and have it work out so well for us financially too!

Why should I feel completely safe, relieved, & thrilled to choose the AEM.green SolarTechTRU for my 28’-53’ reefer trailer fleet?


Why you shouldn’t choose the AEM.green SolarTechTRU for your 28’-53’ reefer fleets?

No reason whatsoever!

AEM has innovated an onboarding, fulfillment, and ongoing support process that takes administrative, oversight, and workload burdens off your plate, while also eliminating emissions, electrical, and other safety regulations.

On top of all this, AEM.green has also engineered its SolarTechTRU to be so efficient it pays for itself in no time and can eliminate your reliance on the grid for the long haul.

What Else?

Just when you thought AEM couldn't make things any better...


Automatic Charging Pads,

and Safe Microgrids!


AEM has been an ideal innovation partner.

Since their system is proven-reliable, and runs on low voltage DC power, these two innovations make great sense to integrate into your carbon-reduction and ESG plan.


Don’t Wait Any Longer.

Start Forging Your Zero Emissions Path Today!